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Tutorial: Installing the DS Sikk 26 Billet Heat Synk.

January 30, 2009 by  
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This tutorial introduces the Sikk 26 cylinder and the DarkSoul Billet Heat Synk designed for the 2 stroke RC Engines used in the Baha and other RC brands. Not only does it cover the installation of these items it also offers basic engine rebuilding tips for the replacement of all top ends.

Its a long tutorial close to an hour long but is well worth watching if you are going to install this combination or want more information on how to install any new top end

Issues covered in this tutorial include disassembling your engine, removing the coil and head, removing the piston and connecting rod bearings, and the proper installation of and reassembly of all the above mentioned items.

Kickback, grab a beer and watch this DarkSoul tutorial produced with all the style and grace of all TeamFastEddy tutorials.

Product link:…oduct_Count=13

Tutorial link:…nder_Shell.wmv

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