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Cleaning your pull start. HPI Baja 5B & 5T

February 3, 2009 by  
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This is a simple tutorial on how to do a light cleaning on your HPI Baja 5b pull start after a day of running.

The pull start acts as a dirt and grass trap and collects a large amount of debris every time you run. Its recommended that you clean it out after a day of running or more often if needed. The flywheel acts as an induction fan and pulls everything that comes close to it inside.

If you haven’t yet invested in an Outerwears pull start cover, you will want to visit one of the forum sponsors and get one. It acts as a filter allowing the air in and keeps the larger chunks of debris out. Its good money spent.


Optional parts:
Stainless Steel Screw Kit


  • 3mm Hex Wrench
  • Toothbrush
  • Compressed air
  • Lubricant

5 Minutes

Skill level:
No Brainer

If you are using an Outerwears cover, peal it back and use a cloths pin to hold it out of the way.

cleaning your baja pull start

cleaning your baja pull start

You will see (4) 3mm screws, One on each of the corners of the pull start. Remove these 4 screws and pull the cover off.

cleaning your baja pull start

cleaning your baja pull start

Use compressed air or a toothbrush to remove any dust, dirt, grass, or whatever may be inside. There is an opening at the back on the bottom rear and everything should blow right out the back. Take a good look to make sure nothing is stuck in there. If so, use a screwdriver, stick, or whatever is handy at the time to remove it.

cleaning your baja pull start

cleaning your baja pull start

Once all the loose dirt is removed, use a toothbrush and go over everything to remove the stuck on dirt. You will want to do the same with the pull start itself both inside and out.

The pull start mechanism needs lubrication on the moving parts. Use grease or a greaseless lubricant. No need to overdue it. A little dab will be fine. We choose to use a greaseless spray. It will need to be re lubed more often but doesn’t attract dirt like grease does.

cleaning your baja pull start

This is a great time to inspect all the parts. Take a little time and look everything over. Inspect the plastic and nylon parts for wear as well as the pull rope and the knots that hold them. Replace any parts as needed. There is nothing worse then having a broken pull start and having to go home when a simple inspection would have prevented this.

Once everything is clean, reinstall the pull start assembly onto the engine. If your using an outerwear cover, make sure its properly secured and that the Velcro strip is tight and secured all the way around the pull start case and not coming off.

I hope you have found this tutorial to be of use to you. If it has, please show your appreciation by stopping by our website Many of the tools and parts used in this tutorial are available on our site.

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